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We are an online store for custom swim caps with names,logo,text.No minimum order.We can custom swim caps for individuals, teams, clubs and companies.low price,fast delivery time,free shipping.Provide high-quality silicone swim caps.


The advantages of custom logo swim caps

1.Printing name , logo , text on swim caps  2.Low MOQ  3.Low price  4.Free shipping  5.Soft silicone  6.Fast arrival time



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Custom Swim Caps No Minimum Order

We are a professional custom swim cap company that uses soft swimming caps. Our swimming caps are comfortable to wear without cracking, and we use very good craftsmanship to print the logo. We can print your team name, text, and pattern on the swimming cap, and the logo is clear and beautiful without fading. We do not have a minimum order quantity for customized swim caps, which is suitable for more enthusiasts to customize their favorite swim caps. We can serve global customers, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and so on.

Delivery Fast

After the production of customized swimming caps is completed, under normal circumstances, the custom swim caps will arrive within 8-14 days. Let customers receive their favorite swim caps as soon as possible. We strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Our custom swim cap has received recognition from our customers, who are very satisfied with it. It is comfortable to wear, odorless, soft, and has a clear logo. Our customers keep placing orders with our company, customizing their favorite swim caps. Getting their trust and recognition makes us even happier, providing them with better customized swimming cap services.


Customized Swim Cap Process


1. Place an order

You place an order, upload your logo, choose your swimming cap color, logo color, logo size, etc

2. Design a sketch

After receiving your order, we will design a sketch of your swimming cap according to your requirements and send you an email for your confirmation.

3. Confirmation and production

After you confirm the sketch of your swimming cap, we will start producing it.

4. Shipment

Finally, shipment, we offer free shipping. We can shipping to countries around the world, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, etc





[1]Will the swimming cap fade?

Our swimming caps won’t fade.

[2]How is the quality of the swimming cap?

We use high-quality food grade silicone to make swimming caps. Very safe. Very soft. Fit to the skin.

[3]Do swimming caps have a pungent odor?

Our swimming caps are made of food grade silicone, which is very safe and has no irritating odor.

[4]Will the pattern printed on the swimming cap fade?

We have 20 years of craftsmanship, and the patterns printed on swimming caps will not fade.

[5]What is the minimum order quantity for customized swimming caps?

There is no minimum order quantity for customized swimming caps.

[6]What is the delivery time for your package?

The arrival time of the package is 7-14 days.

[7]What is the production time for customized swim caps?

The production time for customized swim caps is 7-14 days.

[8]How much is the shipping fee?

Free shipping.

[9]Wholesale price?

If the customized swimming cap quantity is large, the price can be lower. Please contact us by email oxcustomswimcaps@163.com


About Us

We are a company that custom swim caps and have been established for 10 years. Serve customers worldwide who require customized swim caps. Provide high-quality silicone swim caps with beautiful logos to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer the best prices, fast production, and fast delivery. The integrated service is very comprehensive and has received praise from many customers. Our aim is to provide customers with the best service. If you need custom swim cap services, please contact us.

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